An Introduction to Michi

February 2, 2010 at 12:48 am (Uncategorized)

Hello everyone! I have been wanting to start this polish blog for several months now and finally I feel it’s time! Here I will post my nail photos and share some items and tricks I learn along the way!

To start, I live in West Virginia. My girlfriend and I live together in a small and cozy apartment. We have a cat named Kagome, a mouse named Persephone, and many, many fish! My girlfriend, whose name is Jenn and has her own blog on our fish (address to come at some point, I’m sure!), loves cars, and I love nail polish! We still manage to coexist somehow *lol*.

I won’t list my favorite brands because I feel every brand has something to offer. I will, however, post reviews on products I use on my own nails. In a few days, I will post my *naked* nails and will probably do so every month or so, just so you guys can see how any products I use helped me go from somewhat difficult nails to (hopefully) great nails! Hope you enjoy!




  1. lonelycheese15 said,

    Ah! You haven’t posted anything. =(

    • beautymichi said,

      Actually I am glad you commented! I forgot what my blog was XD Now I found it again!

  2. lonelycheese15 said,


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